With an IT career spanning over 13 years, Sandeep is an accomplished Application Security Expert. He works alongside many high-profile national and international organisations enabling them to produce secure software. His extensive experience with software development and security assessment services including penetration testing a.k.a. ethical hacking, code reviews and secure development life cycle implementation makes him a consummate application security consultant and a good security adviser to his clients.

He has also trained hundreds of developers in secure software development and defensive application design techniques. His highly interactive and hands-on approach to deliver these trainings is commended by his clients.

Sandeep has been actively involved in industry open source projects such as OWASP and is active in the development of papers and initiatives published through the community. He has presented on application and database security at a number of national and international conferences.


Academically, Sandeep holds a Master of Technology degree in Information Technology with specialization in Distributed Computing and several industry certifications including CISSP, CSSLP and CEH.


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