Story behind this blog!

Someone once said to me “If you can walk with the crowd, still hold your head high and stand out, then you would have arrived“.

Since that day “to arrive” has been my aim and while walking on the path to achieve this, I found many, left many and then there were few which I kept close to my heart. Not talking about people here (ofcourse it applies to people too) but the software development lessons which I learnt from my peers, teachers and many considerate programmers who share their code with the needy ones through internet. So, here I am to share the good software security practices through this blog with a belief that one day this endeavor of mine will contribute to the secure software development in various organizations around the world hence building the foundation of a vulnerability free cyber world.

In this blog, you will find what programmers should and shouldn’t do to ensure their applications are resilient to attacks in addition to some good practices being followed in various organizations around the world to produce secure software.